Self Employed Visa to Canada

Self-employed person means a foreign national who has relevant experience and has the intention and ability to be self-employed in Canada and to make a significant contribution to specified economic activities in Canada.

(Note- no net worth is required)
"Specified economic activities”, in respect of

  1. a self-employed person, other than a self-employed person selected by a province, means cultural activities, athletics or the purchase and management of a farm; and
  2. a self-employed person selected by a province, has the meaning provided by the laws of the province.
    • Self-employed experience in cultural activities or athletics. This will capture those traditionally applying in this category. For example, music teachers, painters, illustrators, film makers, freelance journalists. Beyond that, the category is intended to capture those people who work behind the scenes, for example, choreographers, set designers, coaches and trainers.
    • Management experience in the world of arts and culture may also be a viable measure of self-employment; for example, theatrical or musical directors and impresarios.
    • A person's financial assets may also be a measure of intent and ability to establish economically in Canada. There is no minimum investment level for a self-employed person. The capital required depends on the nature of the work. Applicants must have sufficient funds to create an employment opportunity for themselves and maintain themselves and their family members. They must show you that they have been able to support themselves and their family through their talents and would be likely to continue to do so in Canada. This includes the ability to be self-supporting until the self-employment has been created.
    • Participation at a world-class level in cultural activities or athletics intends to capture performers. This describes those who perform in the arts, and in the world of sport. “World-class” identifies persons who are known internationally. It also identifies persons who may not be known internationally but perform at the highest levels in their discipline.

Minimum required points

Five years’ relevant experience -35
Four years’ relevant experience -30
Three years’ relevant experience -25
Two years’ relevant experience- 20
* within five years preceding the date of application. Experience gained prior to
the selection decision is also counted.


Spouse's or common-law partner's education -3 – 5**
Minimum one year’s full-time authorized work in Canada* -5
Minimum two years’ full-time post-secondary studies in Canada* -5
Family member in Canada- 5

*Applies to either principal applicant or spouse or common-law partner.

**For a spouse or common law partner who would be awarded 25 points under skilled class- 5 points
Who would be awarded 20-24 points- 4 points
Who would be awarded 12 or 15 points- 3 points

Age- Maximum 10 points
Education-Maximum 25 points
Language-Maximum 24 points

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