PNP Application & Appeals

Where a province has, under a federal-provincial agreement, sole responsibility for the selection of a foreign national who intends to reside in that province as a permanent resident, the following provisions apply to that foreign national, unless the agreement provides otherwise:

  1. the foreign national, unless inadmissible under this Act, shall be granted permanent resident status if the foreign national meets the province’s selection criteria;
  2. the foreign national shall not be granted permanent resident status if the foreign national does not meet the province’s selection criteria;
  3. the foreign national shall not be granted permanent resident status contrary to the provisions of the law of the province governing the number of foreign nationals who may settle in the province as permanent residents, whether that number is an estimate or a maximum, or governing the distribution of that number among classes of foreign nationals; and
  4. conditions imposed in accordance with the law of the province have the same force and effect as if they were made under this Act, if they are imposed on a foreign national on or before the grant of permanent resident status.

If a federal-provincial agreement gives a province sole responsibility to establish and apply financial criteria with respect to undertakings that sponsors living in that province may make in respect of a foreign national who applies to become a permanent resident, then, unless the agreement provides otherwise, the existence of a right of appeal under the law of that province respecting rejections by provincial officials of applications for sponsorship, for reasons of failing to meet financial criteria or failing to comply with a prior undertaking, prevents the sponsor, except on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, from appealing under this act against a refusal, based on those reasons, of a visa or permanent resident status.



Provincial Governments are responsible for Provincial Nomination Programs. Most of the Provinces have internal review process for any refused application. In some cases, you may have no other option except a Judicial Review in the Provincial Supreme Court. If your application for nomination is refused, you can contact us for assistance in seeking an internal review or a Judicial Review.


Following provinces have the leading PNP programmes:






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