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When Government of Canada has its public website then why do you need us? This is the question which strikes your mind, isn’t it?

The fact is- you don’t need just any consultant to assist you in a difficult immigration matter but an authorized representative as defined in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, a representative who can understand each and every case in light of current laws, policies and procedures. Immigration laws and regulations are complex and a minor error can ban your or your relative’s entry to Canada forever.

We have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to handle your case. We are Citizenship and Immigration Lawyers and are regularly retained by clients from over 55 countries. So, we can assure you that we can handle your case too!

We not only file your application but study the laws, policies and procedures before submitting any application as we think that every case is unique. We know that we represent a client on his behalf and a minor mistake may destroy his/her bright future. We study new regulations and provisions as they come in force and find answers to questions that most people haven’t thought of!

We represent our clients before the Immigration Division (ID), the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) and the Federal Court of Canada. We understand that it might be difficult for a client to be present at tribunal or Court. We prepare our clients before going to the hearing, go through each and every question they might be asked. We also provide them an opportunity to see the tribunal/court hearing rooms before the actual hearing, so that they feel at ease and relaxed during proceedings. In order to get positive results from the hearing, our staff does proper research and case law study.

We strongly believe that you have a right to ask questions and get proper answers.
This is how we deal with our clients:

  1. We review your background, ask in-depth questions, then let you know about options you have and possibility of success.
  2. We review all your documents to ensure consistency and let you know if any document is required. Not providing the required documents will delay processing of your application.
  3. We provide submissions along with applications based on laws, policies and immigration procedures with reference to facts of your case so that a visa officer will evaluate your file according to the facts presented.
  4. It is possible that you might have a right to file an application in a visa post other that your country of residence. We will assist you in understanding the benefits of filling an application in other visa posts so that your processing time will be faster.
  5. We do not sit back after filing your application. We always follow up the application after submitting it and try to communicate with visa posts to find out the processing times or if further documents are required. We also order search for immigration files so that we can read notes of a visa officer processing a case. We will follow up with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada while your file is being processed.
  6. We prepare you for an interview and let you know the possible questions which a visa officer may ask.
  7. After an interview, we will request the information on your file and if anything is required, we will work on it.
  8. We also deal with medical and inadmissibility issues and in certain cases, if the visa is refused, we will file an appeal with the Immigration Appeal Division or Federal Court.

When the visa is issued, we provide advice about landing in Canada, documents required for the port of entry and information you may be required to provide to the Canada Border Services Agency officers.

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Skilled Worker Immigration

Permanent residence for skilled workers. The Comprehensive Ranking System, Invitation to Apply and related issues. Employer sponsorship is not a requirement

PNP & Appeals

Canada's provinces have their own provincial programs known as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). This is one of the most popular program. You can also appeal a negative decision from any PNP Program.

Sponsorship Immigration

A review of current sponsorship programs (permanent residence) promoting the reunion in Canada of close relatives from abroad. This is a complex process and it is important that you know the law, policy and your rights.

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